• Song:

    Come On Home

  • Artist:

    Ed Burleson

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G                                       C
Its been a long time since I?ve seen you smile 
   D                                   G
You said you had to get away and you?ve been away awhile 
But you?re comin back home soon you say 
   D                             G
And bringin my heart back here to stay 
       G                                  C
Come on home, no need in hesitatin come on home 
I?ll be here a waitin with my arms open wide 
gonna bring you back inside well come on home 
You said you had to get away and that I understood 
But the knowin that comin home sure makes a man feel good 
I understand a woman needs some time to be alone 
But I also know that a woman needs a home 
Chorus x 2
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