• Song:


  • Artist:

    Ed Burleson

  • Album:

    My Perfect World (Revis...

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Capo 2  
            G5                           D5   
I live in a dream world, she lives in a nightmare 
         A5                            D5 
She puts on her clothes and fixes her hair 
                       G5                     D5 
Don?t know where she?s goin? but it?s got me down 
            A5                                    D5 
I live in a dream world while she?s paintin? the town  
                  A5                         D5  
I remember how it was when our love first began 
               A5                       D5 
Feelings in my soul with a ring on her hand 
          G5                           D5 
I was her everything and she was mine too 
                  A5                            D5 
But the life of a honky-tonk tore her heart in two 
   G5                      A5 
My dreams are filled with her 
Her heart is as cold as ice 
    G5            A5 
She traded in my love 
    B5            A5  
And took away my pride 
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