• Song:

    My Perfect World

  • Artist:

    Ed Burleson

  • Album:

    My Perfect World (Revis...

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F    G                  C  
I had everything in the palm of my hand 
         F                G           C 
A lovin? wife who made me feel like a man 
                  F      G                 C      Am 
She told me she?d love me till death do us part 
Am                F       G                       C 
She said that she meant it from the bottom of her heart 
I guess she didn?t know the bottom was so deep 

For now every night she cries herself to sleep 

She thinks that we married, much too young 

And now her love is gone and the heartache?s begun 
          F         G            C       
I want my life back, back on the right track 
           F          G                C 
The way it used to be when you were my girl 
                    F             G                     C     Am 
Lord I wish I could turn the page, back to those better days 
Am              F          G              C  
Where you would always stay in my perfect world 
Now every night I drink until I am stoned 
It?s just too hard to face my empty home 
Without her here my world?s at its end 
And what I wouldn?t give to have her back home again 
Where you would always stay in my perfect world
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