• Song:

    No Closin' Time

  • Artist:

    Ed Burleson

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D C     G 
I don?t want no closin? time 
        C       C/B      Am   
I still want to wine and dine 
    D                                     G 
And walk across that old dance floor with you 
You?re my lover and my friend 
And I don?t want this night to end 
           D                                  G 
Although I know sweetheart it?s closin? time again 
           G                                 D  
We?ve been together for a long time, you and I  
      D                                        G 
And I know sweetheart, our love sometimes goes dry 
             G                                  C     
But when I'm dancin? here with you, you know my true love shines right through 
       D                                G 
And my feelings for you babe will never die 
We?ve been dancin? to almost every song tonight 
And I don?t know how it feels here but to me it feels just right 
Well that man on the bandstand says it?s time to go 
Hell, I just can?t seem to walk right out that door 
Although I know, sweetheart, it's closin' time again
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