• Song:

    No Tears

  • Artist:

    Ed Burleson

  • Album:

    My Perfect World (Revis...

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C5                       G5 
Well there?s no tears left in me for you 
    G5                                                            C5  
You couldn?t bring one single drop to my eyes even if you wanted to 
         C5                                                                                      F5  
The many times you left, the many times I cried have left me dry, you?d think that I might pull through 
            G5                       C5 
And there?s no tears left in me for you  

         C5                                   G5  
The many times you left me have caused great pain 
           G5                                                            C5 
Well, I?ve broken down and lost control, your evil ways drove me half insane 
        C5                                                                    F5 
Now the tears are gone and now I?ll be strong cause I?ve finally gotten over you 
            G5                                                         C5  
And I?ll be on my way and I hope someday I find a love that?s guarant-true Because?.. 

                        C5                                     F5 
Well I think I?ll start drinking again, maybe call up some of my old friends 
                     G5                             C5  
Oh lord I don?t know where to begin now that this pain might end 
                  C5                               F5 
Oh girl since you set me free, yeah Lordy, you?ll soon see 
                    G5                                 C5   
That you?ll have to let me be cause I?ve broken these chains on me 
Yeah there?s no tears left in me for you
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