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Sir Ed Of T Vital - Whirlwind In D Minor:

Standard Tuning.

Beautiful.Strummin pattern is easy enough to work out.Any version of the chords listed
sound fine (except maybe the F chord which is a bit dodgy anyway and defnitely sounds
as an A chord on the 8th fret) but Ed seems to prefer barrin them as high as his little
dare til he gets to the chorus so have fun with that.There are some excellent lead
synth parts to this song but i can't find tabs for any ed songs anywhere and as a rhythm
monkey im havin a lot of trouble workin them out on m'acoustic.Thats a project for all
ed fans.By the way if theres any problems with this or my only other tab to date (same 
feet - stereophonics) please tell me.

tubsy1990@hotmail.co.uk  25/11/06

Starts with 8 bars of Dm (xx0231) then 4 bars this D-ish chord i cant put a name on
then the mans haunting vocals begin...

Dm                    Am
The whole town nearly died,
C                        G
When rocks flew from the sky,
Bb                         F  (sounds nice to throw a Gm in here)
The stray dogs whined and howled,
Am                      Dm
At dark foreboding clouds.

Dm                      Am
The mayor screamed and fled,
C                        G
The priest hid under his bed,
Bb                  F
Uprooted trees did spin,
Am                          Dm
To the sound of a merciless wind.



Bb               F
Will you love me when I'm old?
Am                    Dm
I'm still hopin I can get that far.
Bb                 F
No-one escaped the whirlwind's hold,
Am                        Dm
Except the jailor and his pack of cards.

*I like this bit, it's a bit tricky.Run-down from Bb to F with the bass notes followin
notes he sings:
      Bb        F
E¦-------------1-----------|I Or something like that.
                        The beauty is in the  spontaneaity

       Bb       F
And I  sit out side watchin
Bb     F
Fallin stars playin
Bb      F
D minor chords on a
Bb      F
Spanish guitar ah-ah.
(think there might be a slide to Gm here before goin straight to the Dm in the verse)

VERSE 3(same as the other two)
Well clothes blew threw the streets,

And so did cinema seats,

Their souls could not be saved,

I dug a thousand graves.

Repeat CHORUS then some more D minor to lead into the solo.

The end chords are very hard to pick out,especially while distracted by such an amazin
but it seems to be a reptition of a Dm - Bb riff maybe something like this:

   Dm                Bb

Well that's the best that i can do.If you can't tell from half the crap I've already
I love this song to pieces so anyone who wants to learn it automatically earns my
world needs more people who appreciate Ed. Thanks,goodbye and Que Pasa?
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