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E5              A5
This is it, this is the place
             D5                       A5
These truffula trees are just a-what I need 
      E5        (slide E5 up to the 4th, then 6th fret for "down" & "thneed")
Gonna chop one down and make my thneed

-- But first!

E5                 A5         D5    A5  
Na na nana-na-na, nana-nana nana-na, now you!

E5                 A5         D5    A5 
Na na nana-na-na, nana-nana nana-na (that's great)

E5                 A5         D5    A5 
La-la lala-lala, la-la-la lalala-lalala

E5                 A5         D5    A5 
Haaaaa-ahaha, hoobahoobahoobawow wahooba how-how

G5          A5              D5      B5 
So now our friendship can begin, hand in hand and wing and fin

G5                A5              D5      B5 
There's nothing you and I can't do, so lets all make my dreams come

E5                   A5         D5            A5
Truuuuue-a-yodeloo, a-yodeloo a-yodelayhee-hehoo 

(Continue yodelling and repeat chords x 2 more times)

 -- Hey guys? C'mon, where's my back-up chorus?
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