• Song:

    Number Ten

  • Artist:

    Ed Kuepper

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Verses :      E5      D5      C5      D5 
1.      You're talking so loud, more than ever before 

      You hide in the crowd, more than ever before 

      You don't wanna know more than ever before 

      But if you gotta go, then I'll show you the door. 
      ( E5      D5      F5      C5 ) 
2.      You ask how I feel - well, what's it to you? 

      It's easy to see that you got someone new 

      So if you wanna go, well sugar, please do 

      I gave you some love, but you threw it away 
      ( E5       D5      F5      C5 ) 

Chorus :      E5      D5      F5      C5      G5      C5      ( G5      C5 ) 
      My smile's been wearing thin 

      I don't know how long it's been 

      Since I felt at ease with you 

      Sometimes it's just no good 

      And you say that I really should 

      But I don't feel at ease with you 
3.      Someone told me 'round town that things were getting you down 

      You act like a clown just to settle it down 

      But things are so bad, they're all I can take 

      It'd make me feel glad if you went on your way 
      ( E5      D5      F5      C5 )      to chorus
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