• Song:

    The Way I Made You Feel

  • Artist:

    Ed Kuepper

  • Album:

    Honey Steel's Gold (Rem...

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Ok, I noticed that this wasn't anywhere on the web so I've had a crack at it.
It's capo on 2nd fret (chords relative to capo)
"d" "c" "F" "G"
Then in Chorus
Hangs on "F' "G"


Verse 1
D                C
Started when I was cleaning dishes
F                G
and the phone rang in the hall
D                C
I was drawn to it against my wishes
F                G
ugly memories of the war

F                     G   (back to verse pattern)
I didn't count on mass destruction when I saw you
was the way I made you feel
F                     G   (back to verse pattern) etc
I hadn't seen such mass destruction, till I saw you
it was the way I made you feel

Verse 2

Well we went to town past the old cafe
That existed to service the highway
And what they said for all those years was true
There never were good old days as such

Chorus with 3 x repeat on last line

Instrumental interlude

Chorus with 3 x repeat on last line

That's it, essential to capo or it just doesn't sound right, guess you could tune up to 
if you really wanted too.....

That should give you an idea, little hammer ons and pull offs you can figure out descent 
the d chord, little hammer with 2nd finger on c, hope that helps.............
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