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    Ed Sheeran

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Capo: First Fret.

G5  D5                C5                       D5
Hi, my name is Jamie, there was a time when radio played me 
G5              D5                 C5                      D5
Cause my music came from my heart, it was real to me but now it?s apart,
G5                    D5                          C5
I?m here struggling, keeping it real, while the rest of them are hustling,
seeking a deal,
G5               D5                  C5                                 D5        
Sometimes I sit back and think Jamie just do one tune, make a couple G's and chill,
G5            D5                       C5                     D5
The reason I started making music is the exact same reason that I?ll never do it, I swear
G5                     D5                                 C5
I didn?t go through all that for this, I?ll give that a miss, that?s just how 
it is, unfair, straight,
G5                          D5             C5                 D5
Who could tell me different, look at me, determined, Man on a mission
G5             D5                 C5                      D5
My music is me, and I am my music So like it or lump it, I?ma do this

G5             D5              C5      D5
I never had a playlist in my heart, oho
G5             D5              C5      D5
Now I need an A list just to chart
G5             D5               C5     D5
For I?ve been famous from the start
G5              D5       C5     D5
How am I gonna make my mark, oh oh
G5             D5                C5                            D5
Are you gonna play me, though, song was never meant for the radio
G5            D5                       C5                       D5
I get ?radio spin, I?m just doing my thing, and I don?t have time for a playlist
G5                 D5                  C5                         D5      G5
How much will you pay me though? the song was not a hit on the radio, oho, 
D5    C5          D5

the rest of the song follows the same pattern. enjoy
oho, oho, oh
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