• Song:

    Bye Bye Blackbird

  • Artist:

    Eddie Cantor

  • Album:

    The Eddie Cantor Story

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A             A74      A 
Pack up all my cares and woe, 
E6     E    A9      A 
Here I go, singin' low -- 
A  Bm7(b5)  A   E7 
Bye bye      blackbird. 
Where somebody waits for me, 
E7       E7/6             E7 
Sugar's sweet, and so is she -- 
E7  E7/6  E7    A   Am7 
Bye bye  blackbird. 
C#7            C#m7(b5)  C#7    G7   F#7      
No one here can love or understand me; 
B7                Bm7(b5)    B7       F7  E7 
Oh what hard luck stories they all hand me.  
A              A74      A 
Make my bed and light the light, 
E7/6    E7   F#7 
I'll arrive late tonight -- 
D9        E7     A   F#7  D9       Bm7(b5)  E7  A      
Blackbird,   bye bye,    blackbird,      bye bye.
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