• Song:

    Makin Whoopie

  • Artist:

    Eddie Cantor

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G5       C5    A5         D5   G5
Another bride,   another groom

         C5     C5        F5     F5
Another sunny      honeymoon

        C5      A5        D5  Bb5
Another season,  another reason

     G5      C5     C5  D5  G5
For makin' whoopee.

G5            C5    A5         D5   G5
You get some shoes,   a little rice

               C5       C5              F5     F5
The groom's so nervous,   he answers twice;

              C5      A5             D5     Bb5
It's really thrillin'   that he's so willin'

    G5       C5      F5  F5  C5
For makin' whoopie.


C5               D5        Dm+7
Picture a little love nest

D5            Bb5     C5
Down where the roses cling;

C5                 D5        Dm+7
Picture that same love nest,

    D5         Bb5       G5
And see what a year will bring.

G5           C5    A5           D5   G5
He's doin' dishes    and baby clothes;

            C5     C5           F5     F5
He's so ambitious,    he even sews.

               C5          A5                D5         Bb5
Just don't forget, folks,    that's what you get, folks,

     G5       C5     A5  F5  F5  C5  G5  C5
For makin' whoopie.
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