Intro: drums then A A A B 

  A A A B 
         Roseanna's daddy had a car she loved to drive, 
  A A A B 
         Stole the keys one night and took me for a ride. 
  A A A B 
         Turned up the music just as loud as it could go, 
  A A A B                              A 
         Blew out the speakers in her daddy's radio. 

                  A      B                     G     A 
         She was shakin'____ 
         Snappin' her fingers, 
         She was move_______ing, round and round.   (2nd time: up and down) 
         That girl was shakin'. 

  A A A B 
         We started drinkin', weren?t thinkin? too straight 
  A A A B 
         She was doin' 80 and she slammed on the brakes. 
  A A A B 
         We got so high we had to pull to the side, 
  A A A B                              A 
         We did some shakin' till the middle of the night! 

                        oh____oh____oh_____oh____ (4x) 
         A   B   G   A   (stuccato rhythm pattern) 
         I got a little nervous, huh... 

         She took her coat off, 

         She looked so pretty, 

         Awwww, yeah!  

         I'm always talkin' baby, talkin' too much, 

         I love that little girl and I just can't get enough! 

         It takes a lonely night with nowhere to go, 

         Just call Roseanna it's a hell of a show! 

(Chorus 2x) 

Outro: Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, she was shakin'!  (4x) 

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