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D5                                           E5 
We shouldnt be together tonight but here we are  
            A5                                         D5 
I shouldn?t taste the thrill of your kiss here in the dark 
                 D5                               G5       
?Cause we?re not free to be this free or go this far  

          D5                     G5 
Hearts on fire, burnin for each other 
      D5                               A5 
Going down in flames somewhere in the night 
         D5                       G5 
Stealin? love again when we're together 
G5                 D5             A5                     B5  G5  D5 
It's too late now, we can?t put out our hearts on fire  
You shouldn't feel this good in my arms, but you do 
I shouldn't whisper these things in your ear, but they?re true 
So wrong or right I'll stay tonight with you    
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