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This song is really simple. This is the first song I have chorded, I hope you like it. 
Intro: G5 C5 G5 C5 
G5                          C5 
She seems a million miles away 
E5                                C5 
When she walks by you don't know what to say 
G5                                    C5 
You're gonna make a move you better make it now 
E5                               C5 
Don't be afraid cause love will show you how 

You take that first step 
Ask her out and treat her like a lady 
E5                                            D5 
Second step.... Tell her she's the one your dreamin'of 
G5                                        C5      
Third step.. take her in your arms and never let her go 
                G5   D5   G5    E5    G5   D5   G5 
Don't you know Step by step...... Step by step 
C5                G5 
You'll win her love 
G5                           C5 
She looks to beautiful to touch 
E5                                       C5 
But your heart keeps talking to you now don't give up 
G5                           C5 
You think you see something in her eye 
E5                        C5 
But you will never know until you try 
Reapeat the chorus as needed 
I hope I typed it right. Enjoy!
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