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C5              F5 
Im so glad that I met you, baby 
C5                     F5 
And Im so proud when we walk down the street 
C5                      F5 
And I know it?s crazy to worry like I do 
C5                             F5 
But I get this feelin? that I?m losing you  
             Ab5   G5  
I get these suspicions 
     C5           F5     
Even though I know that you love me, baby 
          C5                     G5 
And I really shouldn?t feel this way 
            C5            F5    
I can?t help it you?re just so good lookin? 
           Bb5                                     F5   C5 
I?m afraid somebody?s gonna steal you away from me      

When I go out to a party with you 

You always turn every head in the room 

And I just know whats on every mans mind 

I try to fight it, but it gets me sometimes 
Ooh, suspicions 
When Im with you, I feel so satisfied 

The way you touch me when you lay by my side 

And that look you get in your eyes when we love 

Makes me hate myself for what I?m thinkin? of 
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