• Song:

    Who Do You Know In California

  • Artist:

    Eddie Raven

  • Album:

    Eddy Raven Greatest Hit...

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Living with  me isn't always easy 
   B        A 
Bless her heart she tried 
Put  her through some crazy  times 
She  always let it slide 
But  early this morning I could hear her 
     D                               A 
Banging  on the pots and pans 
Something had finally gotten to  her 
           E                                 A 
She's  taken all that she could stand 
 D      E    A 
She said who do you know in  California 
   D                                 A 
What's  she doing calling here 
Some people got a lot  nerve 
    B                              E   D  E 
Some people just don't care 
I  don't understand what makes a man do  
    D                             A 
Some  of the things you  do 
Who  do you know in  California 
What  does she want with you  

Hiding behind the morning paper 
Hanging  on to every word  
Trying to find a real good answer 
One that  wasn't too absurd 
To look in her eyes and tell her a lie 
I don't  know if I can  
She knows just enough to know too much 
Now it's  about to hit the fan 
Chorus 2x's          fade
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