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    Eddie Vedder

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    Ukulele Songs

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Eddie Vedder - Goodbye

This is played on a ukulele so it sounds a lot different on guitar but this is the 
closest I could get to sounding like it! Hope you enjoy!

Capo 1st

A6    A7   D    C   Cm

-2-  -3-  -5-  -3-  -3-
-2-  -2-  -7-  -5-  -4-
-2-  -2-  -7-  -5-  -5-
-2-  -2-  -7-  -5-  -5-
-0-  -0-  -5-  -3-  -3-
-0-  -0-  -5-  -3-  -3- 

G                       A6 A7 A6 A7
I've got our love to remember 
that will never change 
              A6 A7 A6 A7   
I have you in my head 
D                  C
and no, I'll never hold you 
D                   Cm
and I'm still asking why 
  G          A7   A6     G
I guess that this is goodbye 

my dreams suddenly seem so empty 
I could go on my own, but I feel like playin' dead 
and for what feels like the first time 
I don't know where you are tonight 
I guess that this is goodbye 

we lived half our lives together 
a hundred years is a lot of weight to bear 
and the sun, it may be shining 
there's an ocean in my eyes 
cause I know that this is goodbye 
cause I know that this... is goodbye
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