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G, G/f#, Em, C ....

Chords the whole way through other than in parts
of the chorus where there is a D in between the Em
 and C...

For the more beginner guitarists out there, the G/f#
is the same as the G only with your index finger
on fret 2 instead of 3... 

To work out the timing simply watch the video and you
should pick it up pretty fast...


I wrote down
what I thought I felt for you
and when I read it back
I thought I understood
My love
and the pain it put me through
was a facade not worth a dime
a pointless melodrama
Of my design

And this will be
the last song that I write
about you
And if you think you
hear your name
You're mistaken
I've found somebody else

The world turns
and everything is changing all the time
But I've been standing still
and never moving on
It's time
I let go of everything
Every thought I think of you
and all the hate
that holds me down


This is the end
I'm letting go of
everything you said and did to me
It's time that we
let bygones by
Say goodbye

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