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Picture Perfect Morning Chords by Edie Brickell

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Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 18:47:55 -0600
From: Caren Van Winkle 
Subject: CRD: b/brickell_edie/picture_perfect_morning.crd

"Picture Perfect Morning"
by Edie Brickell

from the album "Picture Perfect Morning"

transcribed/submitted by Caren Van Winkle

G                    C
I haven't learned to say goodbye
G               C
Hello itself is hard enough
G                 C          A
It kills to let a good thing die
      C             D         G
And I don't want to see it go bad

Chorus:     C
            Picture perfect morning

            Right before the dawn and
            City lights are dying
            Sing in the cathedral
            Face in the stained glass
            Is dying

G                  C
I won't let myself look at you
G                  C
And see you like I really do
G                         C             A
It's hard to believe that you're really here
     C            D               G
So I just pretend that you're not there

G                      C
And when my plane flew through the rain
G                      C
It shook the wings and people screamed
G                          C       A
But I was so sure that I'd see you again
      C          D     G
I was not afraid of anything
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