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"This Eye"
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
_Ghost of a Dog_
D                    G        D
one day you just get tired of crying
G               A                G      A
runnin' can't escape the beating heart
D                    G        D
one day you just get tired of dying
G               A               G       A
living can't escape the beating march

              Dm7            Em7
        but a higher bloom unveils
             A             G
        in a lowdown dirty day
            Dm7                Em7
        and all that dreams entail
                 A                    G    A
        come and take your suffering away

        D                   Em7
        this eye looks with love
        A                    D
        this eye looks with judgement
        D                D/E       A       G    A
        free me take the sight out of this eye

D                     G           D
one night the howlin' dog sings a lullaby
G              A            G     A
drift you into peaceful memories
D                     G             D
one night the howlin' dog cries out lonely life
G                   A                G
break you like the light between the trees

                 Dm7       Em7
        and they say sacrifice
            A                 G
        is letting sweet love go
        Dm7           Em7
        never build a damn
        A                G     A
        wall to stop the flow

        this eye...

C         G             F        C
all I can hope for is a light to see
       F             C           G
when I search in the dark for my soul
    F       C             Em7    C
and when my soul comes to rescue me
   Em7    Am7             C        Em7        Am7
I rest my resistance fall piece by piece into peace
    F             C           Em7     Am
and slip like the water back into the sea

        this eye....
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