• Song:

    Turning Around

  • Artist:

    Edwin McCain

  • Album:

    Scream & Whisper

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                "Turning Around" by Edwin McCain

Tabbed by: Jeff Sorensen
Email: burntash@metalgel.com

Ok this is my very first tab so I am
hoping that I got it right or at least
close enough for you to figure out the
rest of it.  Parts I'm not so sure
about include the Bridge and most places
where E and A are used.  This is what
works for me so far.  The E and A
chords might include some hammer-ons
so if anyone can figure out whats missing
lemme know, thanks and enjoy!

Chords used:  

     B     A     E     C    Em7   Am7    D

For live, substitute B and A for:

Baad9: 024422
Aaad9: 002200

E*: Hammer-on and off
A*: Hammer-on and off

Listen to the CD for strumming patterns.

Intro: B - A - E - A

Verse 1:

B           A                      E*  A*
Yes all the vampires know my name
B              A                        E*  A*
But they don't treat me quite the same
I've pulled the leather from my eyes
I've put all the stars back in your skies


B                     A         
I'm turning this life around
E                                   A
I broke all the chains that used to tie me down
B                     A                        E  A
I'm turning this life around before it's over

Verse 2:

B               A                  E*  A*
Said goodbye to ego and the shame
B                 A                    E*  A*
There's no use in hiding in that fame
I've pulled the leather from my eyes
I've put all the stars back in your skies

Repeat Chorus (2x)


C-Em7-Am7           D
You can't tell the lover from the lies

C-Em7-Am7                   D
Because they come in such a beautiful disguise

Solo: B - A - E - A

Repeat Chorus (2x) and until fade out.
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