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    Beginners Luck

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Beginners luck Leadsheet(Bb Dur- Originally C Dur)

The guitar plays off beat, doesn´t seem so at first, but when the bass comes in, you might hear it, so don´t let that bother you, just keep playing your rhythm. 
Just listen to the song for the rhythm in the chorus 
Vers 1 :  Bb Dm7 Gm Eb F
Bb  			     D
All my life I had this funny little feeling 
     Gm                 		         Eb                  F     
Came and went time and again in all my daily dealings 
Call it a deficit, an emptiness inside 
Why is true love hard to find, why does true love hide 

Pre Chorus: Eb F D Gm Eb F
Eb 				D
But now I found you and I know that we would be 
D				Gm 
So very happy if you could only see
Eb				F 
That I was made for you and you were made for me 

Refr: Bb D Gm Eb F
The road in front of us is long and it is wide 
We've got beginner's luck, we've got it on our side 
With you I will and well I think I'm qualified 
And with beginner's luck we've got to take the ride 

Vers 2:  s Vers 1
I've got a plan you know I've got it all worked out 
And all you gotta do is pack your bags and check your doubts 
You come around and you will see just what I am 
A true love through the worst of times, a true love to the end 

Pre Chorus: s 1.
So now you found me and you only gotta see 
How complementary we could really be 
Cos I was made for you and you were made for me 


Bridge: Dm7 Gm Dm7 Gm Eb F Eb F
We'll take the ride as far as anyone can go 
We'll pray hand in hand until the toe 
I've got it all worked out don't worry about a thing 
Just give your hand to me, and here, put on this ring 


Please note, the original is in the key C, I play it in Bb, because my voice doesn´t sound so good on the top notes in C, if you want it to play in C, use a Capo freth 2 or just transpose it(what might be better) 
Sounds right to me, please check my chords, and if you find a wrong, just post it, please.
Great song
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