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    End Times

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Eels - End Times
Album: End Times
Tab by Paul Matthaei

Part1: (Verse)


Crazy guy with a matted beard
Standing on the corner

Shouting out "end times are near"
And nobody noticed him
    Am    G                 [Part1]      
But I can hear him loud and clear
 Am     G       Bm           C  
She is gone now, and nowhere near
 C         G              [Part1]
Seems like end times are here

I walk around a puddle in the street
And head on home
Outside my window there's a cat in heat
Shut up, cat, and leave me alone
There ain't no heat on round here
I don't feel nothing now
Not even fear
Now that end times are here

Insert [Part1]

Now everyone's crazy, they've lost their minds
Just look at the world
It could all be over at any old time
And I can hear it loud and clear
The world is ending, and what do I care?
She's gone, end times are here 

Have fun and please leave me a comment!
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