• Song:

    Friendly Ghost

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  • Album:

    Souljacker - Limited Ed...

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Friendly Ghost Chords by Eels

hey all
im a massive eels fan, and i worked out this song the other day. its quite easy if you
know the song. if u want the strumming and timing right, listen to the song. sooooooo
here goes.

The Eels
Friendly ghost

Standard tuning :Eadgbe


G  F  C  d7
3  1  0  0
0  1  1  3
0  2  0  2
0  3  2  0
2  0  3  0
3  0  0  0

intro G F C d7 x2

G                   F
If you're scared to die you better
C                d7
not be scared to live
G                 F              
Ive been spending all my days
C                d7
Giving all i can give

F                  G 
Last night i heard someone walking
F                  G
Through my bedroom door
    F                     d7          G 
But what they wanted, i'm not exactly sure

F          C   d7         G
A freindly ghost is all i need x2

other verses and bridges (follow same chord structure)

well thats it. enjoy email me at dj_ov_cardiff@hotmail.com for any changes or praises :D

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