• Song:

    Grace Kelly Blues

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Eels With Strings (live...

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eels - Grace Kelly Blues

Tabbed by Juergen A. Comments to: doctorj@gmx.net  (c) 2005
I think this is quite correct.
Figured it out some time ago while playing along with the record.


E --0----0----0-----0-----3----1---|
B --1----1----1-----1-----0----1---|
G --0----0----0-----0-----0----2---|
D --2----0----2-----2-----0----3---|
A --3----2----0-----0-----2----3---|
E --X----X----X-----3-----3----X---|
    C   C/B  Am7  Am7/G   G    F

Picking Pattern

E -----0------0-----0----0-----1-----1-----1-----1--|
B -----1------1-----1----1-----1-----1-----0-----0--|
G -----0------0-----0----0-----2-----2-----0-----0--|
D -----2------0-----2----2---3-3-----3-----0-----0--|
A ---3------2-----0----------------3-3-----2---2----|
E ----------------------3----------------3----------|

    C     C/B   Am7
The cut - rate  mime

Am7/G    F                  G
Walking  through the dirty  streets

   C    C/B   Am7   Am7/G  F            G
Of Pa - ris   in    the    hot  August  heat

F                G     C      F
Sun melting the  fake  smile  away

              G               C
Just looking  for a place to  stay
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