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    I Am Building A Shrine

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  E5                            E5
e | ----------------------------- | ------------------------------------ | 
B | ----------------------------- | ------------------------------------ | 
G | ---(b9)(b9)(b9)---7-7-7----5-5-5~-- | ----(b9)(b9)(b9)---7-7-7----5-5-5/12~----- | 
D | ----------------------------- | ------------------------------------ | 
A | ----------------------------- | ------------------------------------ | 
E | -0-let-ring------------------ | -0-let-ring------------------------- |  x2

Verse 1 :
E5      G          Am       C
   I Am Building A Shrine
E5         G       Am       C
   Deep inside my heart
E5             G                   Am         C
   It?s filled with all the little things
E5          G           Am       C
  I?ll take when we?re apart

G            D                F              C
   All the love you bring me, all the tender words you sing me
D#             A#               D
   And all the suns within your smile
G            D             F                C
   All the wisdom of your ways, enduring endless days
D#             A#              D
   And all the love that never dies

Verse 2 :
Deep down in the cold ground
Touch as simply to be
But ?ill be fine, with all them little things
That I?m taking with me

Chorus x1

Bridge : 
Bm D# A E          Power chords F?r all the bridge
A E F# 
Bm F# D A
A  B

Chorus (Without Lyrics)
Chorus x2
Chorus (Without Lyrics)
G      (Let ring)
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