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    Little Bird

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Little Bird - Eels

Sounding key F

Standard tuning capo on 5th.

Chords C, G, F, Am

Intro:  C       G       F       G   [x2]

[C]    Little [G]bird, [F]   hopping on my [G]porch
[C]    I know it sounds kind of [G]sad, [F]   but what?s it all [G]for?
Right [Am]now you?re the [C]only friend I [F]have in the [G]world
[Am]   And I just cant [C]take how very [F]much -
God [G]damn -
I miss that [C]girl  [G]   [F]   [G]

[C]        [G]        [F]        [G]

[Repeat pattern]

Little bird, you look alright
Sure it?s not easy getting through your night
So tell me this cant be how it?s gonna end
Tell me my heart somehow -
Dear god -
Is gonna mend

Little bird, I guess you?re right
I cant let it take me out without a fight
But right now I can seem to make sense of this world
I just can?t take how very much
God damn
I miss that girl
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