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    Novocana For The Soul

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tabbed by carl
i dont know the proper name of the song

Eels-novacane for the soul

E 022100
Am 002210
D 000232
A 002220
G 320000

E Am E Am x2

(Em) (Am) 
life is hard and so am I

(E) (Am)
you better give me something so i don't die

(E) (Am) (D)
novacane for the soul 

(A) (E)
before i sputter out 

(A) (E)
before i sputter out

Life is white and I am black 
Jesus and his lawyer 
are coming back 
Oh my darling will you be here 
before I sputter out x3 
Dead stop 
G D A E 

G D 
Guess who's living here 
A E 
with the great undead 
G D A E 
this paint by number's life is ***in' with my head 

Life is good and I feel great 
'cause mother says I was 
a great mistake 
Novovaine for the soul 
you better give me something 
to fill the hole 
before I sputter out (x2)
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