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Egypt Central
White Rabbit

Tuning: Eb Bb Gb Db Ab Eb (Half-step down)
Tabbed by: Griff5516
e-mail: barcafan19@cox.net

This is a tab for the song Backfire off of Egypt Central's new album White Rabbit. I 
learned it by ear, but it is an accurate tab. Any questions or comments, I'm open to suggestions!

The strumming for this song is pretty straightforward, and is easily figured out just by 
listening to the song. During the verses, Jeff's strumming puts emphasis on the higher 
strings, and messing around with that enough gives you the same tone found in the track.

Sorry I don't know chord names, but here are the verse chords:


Eb |--0----0----0----0----|
Bb |--0----0----0----0----|
Gb |--9----2----6----2----|
Db |--9----2----6----2----| x3
Ab |--7----0----4----0----|
Eb |--x----x----x----x----|

The quick piece played before the chorus is a little tricky, but here's what i came up 
with. Just listen to the song for help with timing.


Eb |----------------------------2p0-2/4--|
Bb |--5/2-0--5/2-0--5/2-0--5/2-----------|
Gb |-------------------------------------|
Db |-------------------------------------|
Ab |-------------------------------------|
Eb |-------------------------------------|

The chords for the chorus are the same, only in a different order. The final chord in 
the sequence is played twice as long as the other two.


Eb |--0----0----0----|
Bb |--0----0----0----|
Gb |--9----6----2----|
Db |--9----6----2----| x2
Ab |--7----4----0----|
Eb |--x----x----x----|

The verse, pre-chorus and chorus are all repeated. Following the chorus is the bridge, 
which is played like this:


Eb |--0----0----0---0-----0-----0-----0------|
Bb |--0----0----0-------4-----4-----4--------|
Gb |--6----2----4-----4-----4-----4-----4----|
Db |--6----2----4----------------------------| x2
Ab |--4----0----2----------------------------|
Eb |--x----x----x----------------------------|

On the third time through the progression is a little different:

Eb |--0----0----0----0----0----0----|
Bb |--0----0----0----0----0----0----|
Gb |--6----2----4----1----2----4----|
Db |--6----2----4----2----2----4----|
Ab |--4----0----2----2----0----2----|
Eb |--x----x----x----0----x----x----|

The third chord is played longer, and the strumming on the final three chords are all 
down strums. Listen to the track for the timing.

Following the bridge, the chorus is played again 3x (strumming is a little different the 
first time through, just listen to the song)

After the chorus 3x, the verse is played once more, ending on the third chord:

Eb |--0----0----0~~----|
Bb |--0----0----0~~----|
Gb |--9----2----9~~----|
Db |--9----2----9~~----|
Ab |--7----0----7~~----|
Eb |--x----x----x~~----|

Thats it! Hope this helped anyone who was trying to learn it! Comment or e-mail with any questions
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