• Song:

    One Of These Days

  • Artist:

    Eight Bucks Experiment

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Band: Eight Bucks Experiment
Song: One Of These Days
Album: Cockstalking
Tab posted by: PoisonIdea

This is the album version of One Of These Days by the Eight Bucks Experiment, the song varies when they play it, but for the basic part this is it.....

e --0---0-----0---0-----1---1---0---
b --0---0-----1---1-----0---0---0---
g --1---1-----0---0-----0---0---1---
d --2---2-----2---2-----0---0---2---
a --2---2-----2---2-----2---2---2---
e --0---0-----0---0-----2---2---0---

If you don't know who these guys are, check them out at http://www.eightbucks.com
They can also been seen in the movie SLC Punk under the name Extreme Corporal Punishment
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