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Snow on Dead Neighbourhoods
Electric President S/T [2006]
Transcribed by Matthew Brown (mnb92@mail.com)

Bb            Fm              Bb                         Fm 
Pluck all the wires from your skin, and toss them to the wind.
Bb        Fm               Bb                Fm
Open your chest and let me in. I’ll help you mend.
      Bb     Ab        Eb           Ab
While you    carve our names in the ice on the sidewalk,
        Bb          Ab          Eb            Ab
And     I           do the      same on the   face of a cinderblock.
Bb           Fm              Bb                 Fm 
Thousands of houses hug this road, but no one’s home.
Bb               Fm               Bb                    Fm 
All the picket   fences look like bones, ’cause nothing grows.
Bb          Fm            Bb              Fm 
Snow covers everything in sight a ghostly white.
Bb         Fm                 Bb                  Fm 
Under that blanket there’s no life, just blinking lights.
     Bb  Ab               Eb             Ab
And  we  peer through the glass of those empty households.
Bb       Ab               Eb                   Ab                 Bb   
The T    Vs are all still on. They’re flashing images against the walls

Ab     Eb    Ab
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