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Ten Thousand Lines - Electric President

Chords by: Federico Quagliata 

Intro: B

B                             Ebm
We paint the future from this bedroom.
 With lots of progress; cold and heartless. 
 And nothing lives, just twitches and moves.
 It's all synthetic, but it's all we've got. 

E            F#    Ebm                B
Thousands of wires spread through the halls.
E             F#   Ebm         B
 Thousands of eyes live in our walls. 
     A            E                  B        F#
 And now they can see just what we've done (oh no)
 A            E                B
 Now they can see what we've become.

Interlude: B C# E

B                      C#           E
No sun. Just radiation here. Get it by the lungful. 
B                             C#
 No time. No way to count the years. 
 Except by the creaking sounds in your bones. 

Same as Intro: B
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