• Song:

    Bishop Mariah

  • Artist:

    Elephant Ride

  • Album:


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Here are the chords for "Bishop Mariah", a catchy tune by a great up and
coming band, Elephant Ride.  Since I didn't see anything posted at all
for Elephant Ride, I figured I should rectify the situation!  Enjoy, and
buy their cd "Forget"!

"Bishop Mariah" by Elephant Ride

Each chord is played for one measure. The song starts off with an
accoustic and single vocal.  The song really doesn't have a chorus, just
four verses and a bridge.

When changing from C to G, Dave Martin plays the following little riff:
D |---0/2\0---|

Verse 1:

G     C     G   C
Bishop__ Ma-riah__
G           C                  G                C
He's not re-ligious though his name sounds that way.
G    C          G    C
Jason__, little Jason__.
G          C               G          C
He went to Bishop when the other kids played.
    G              C        G          C           G (tacet)
His mom worked all day. His father was buried last May.

(Enter drums, bass, electric, background vocals, etc.)

Verse 2:

G     C     G   C
Bishop__ Ma-riah__
G     C               G              C       Am
Do you____ think that Heaven's got a zoo?
      D              Am     D     Am
I can see both sides of the sun.
        D              G           C       G         C
It's by walking that I know how to run and boy I can run.
         G         C              G                  C
You will never see me in just one place it's not fun anyway.

Verse 3:

G    C       G      C
Jason__ grew nervous__.
G   C         G              C               Am
He'd___ never seen eyes like these before.
    D            Am     D
Ene-my despised, Son of God.
Am     D             G          C            G       C
What a cold eclectic welcome he gave and the boy was afraid.
        G                   C
You can fight and steal and fall and spit
    G                       C                 G    C
the fun's in the hunt just don't let me catch____ you____.


(same pattern on G C through until "Bop bop's" (listen to the cd),
which is just bass and drum)

(back to just accoustic to end the song)

Verse 4:

G     C       G    C   G           C (tacet)
Bishop__ died early__- fifty years old.
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