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    Cant Shake It Off

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Elevation aren't very famous in the world but they are so good. This is a tab by ear. 
More acoustic than the original. I know it's wrong but it's not bad to listen.

Capo 4

Em C G D (x2)

Em             C            G          D
  I asked the dawn to rise early this morning
           Em    C     G     D
There's a devil in my dreams
Em               C       G           D
  She's like an angel in all of her glory
         Em     C            G    D
But it's never quite what it seems
Em            C             G     D
  She met me when I closed my eyes
Em           C        G        D
  Tempting me with a force of nature
Em             C            G
 Why would she do this to me
D (pause)
Doesn't she know I'm in love?

Em             C
  She's got a hold on me
G                D
  It's like I'm staring at the sun
Em          C
  And I can barely see
G           D
Where I was coming from
Em C G               D
       I'm blue and I'm black
Em         C
I got this wall to my back
G      D
And I can't shake it off

Em C G D

Em            C
 So now we're sinking
        G          D
Like stones on the water
Em         C           G   D
 I guess I got in too deep
Em          C          G
 I let her sit on my throne:
D (pause)
Queen deceiver and me

[Chorus x2]
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