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Only Love

written by Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Wade Joye, London Gatch, 
Jane Williams & Brad Hudson

Intro: [Eb - Gm - F - Cm]
Verse 1:
Eb Bb
We're not too far gone
F Gm
Our generation
Eb Bb F
Is crying out for hope
This moment is ours
We are running
Your heart is calling us
Eb Gm
People of God rise
FThe (133211@1)kingdom's at hand
Eb Gm F
These walls are crashing down
BbOnly (x1333x@1)love
Cm Gm
Your love in us has power to change the world
EbThe (x43121@3)darkness is shaking
BbOnly (x1333x@1)You
Cm Gm
Can raise us up to bring hope to the world
EbYour (x43121@3)light is breaking
Gm Eb Gm F
Your love in us is how we change the world
Verse 2:
Take all that we are
Our hands are open
Our lives are for You, Lord
We'll see Your glory
As hearts awaken
Release Your power in us
Eb-Gm F
Let us see through Your eyes and
Cm Eb-Gm
Lay at Your feet
F Cm
All our pride and say
Eb Gm F
We believe love has come to
Cm Eb - Gm - F
Save the world

God Bless!
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