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Only Love

written by Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Wade Joye, London Gatch, 
Jane Williams & Brad Hudson

Intro: [Eb - Gm - F - Cm]
Verse 1:
Eb Bb
We're not too far gone
F Gm
Our generation
Eb Bb F
Is crying out for hope
This moment is ours
We are running
Your heart is calling us
Eb Gm
People of God rise
The kingdom's at hand
Eb Gm F
These walls are crashing down
Only love
Cm Gm
Your love in us has power to change the world
The darkness is shaking
Only You
Cm Gm
Can raise us up to bring hope to the world
Your light is breaking
Gm Eb Gm F
Your love in us is how we change the world
Verse 2:
Take all that we are
Our hands are open
Our lives are for You, Lord
We?ll see Your glory
As hearts awaken
Release Your power in us
Eb-Gm F
Let us see through Your eyes and
Cm Eb-Gm
Lay at Your feet
F Cm
All our pride and say
Eb Gm F
We believe love has come to
Cm Eb - Gm - F
Save the world

God Bless!
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