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You Are Holy - Elevation Worship
Words by Chris Brown, Mack Brock & Wade Joye
Music by Mack Brock & Chris Brown

Verse: [ D G ] [ Bm - A - G ]
Grow our faith Lord
When our eyes can't see
That you don't change Lord
You will ever be

Pre-Chorus: [ A Bm G ] x2
All glory and honor and praise
To the king who forever reigns

Chorus: [ A Bm G ] [ A Bm G D ]
Holy, You are Holy
Worthy, You are Worthy

Chorus x2

           G (320003@1)              DWithout (xx0232@1)an end, You are the same
           G (320003@1)          BmWithout (x24432@1)an end, God you remain
          G (320003@1)                  D/F#Above (200232@1)all thrones, Above every name
           Bm- (x24432@1)A- (x02220@1)GWithout (320003@1)an end, God you remain

Chorus x2
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