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this is a pretty simple but touching song. comment and rate.

Intro: G D A

G (320003@1)   D (xx0232@1)      AYour (x02220@1)favor follows me
       G (320003@1)      D (xx0232@1)          Bm (x24432@1)            AYour (x02220@1)kindness leads me to a hope I cannot see
Em (022000@1)              A (x02220@1)         D (xx0232@1)                Bm (x24432@1) AFaithful (x02220@1)are you father to fulfill your every promise
       G (320003@1)        F#m (244222@1)                  GThe (320003@1)desires of my heart are made complete 
             A'Cause (x02220@1)your favor follows me

G (320003@1)                            AI'll (x02220@1)give you everything I have 
                               BmI'll (x24432@1)give you everything I have
                        A'Cause (x02220@1)I was undeserving
        F#mAnd (244222@1)you chose me
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