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E		E7
Don't leave me now
      C#		  B		A7
my memories are more than I can take tonight
 E		E7
and God show me how
C#			   B	           A7
I'm supposed to trust in things beyond my sight
     A       B      C#m
so teach me how to kneel
        A          B      Bbm
When I don't know how to feel
      A       B       C#m
and show me where you are
          A           B         Bbm
when my faith can't reach that far
      A          B         E
my faith can’t reach that far

Turn: E, E7, C#m, B, A7

And tell me there is more
to this life then only what my heart can see
take all these fears
make them into more than who I used to be
is my soul to blind too see
the truth you have for me
cause this faith I feel inside
is too weak to survive
too weak to survive

     A         B       C#
My heart has left me alone again
     A          B          Bbm
is this the beginning? Is this the end?
    A        B                 C#     B    A            C# B E A
Is this the time you'll never let me in again?


I'm not extremely sure about some of them, like the A#m's, so please leave your comments 
improvements! God Bless!
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