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			     WILLOWY MAN - Elf Power
Tabbed by: Zachary Lane
Email: TheChiChis@rock.com

Tuning: Standard

Intro: F C F C

F (133211@1)                         C (x32010@1)                 
Once a willowy man made his way across the Earth
        F (133211@1)He saw shining seas and emerald trees and,
    Cthe (x32010@1)worms laughing in the dirt,
         GHe (320003@1)would memorize the planets,
        Fand (133211@1)the stars above,
    Gand (320003@1)dream a secret dream,
          F (133211@1)      
about the ones he loved...

Repeat Intro 

Once a slippery man, made his way across the sea,
He saw tiny fish and made a wish and,
changed into you and me,
They would float upon their backs,
to watch the stars above
and dream a secret dream,
about the ones they loved... 

Continue with chords during flute/recorder solo


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