• Song:

    I Wont Cry

  • Artist:

    Elin Lanto

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This might be a bit wrong, but hey! thats life.

Chorus: 1

I won´t cry 
I´m telling you that 
A        A
I won´t cry
And even if I do
It´s not because of you
I promise you that 
A       D           
I won´t cry

D             A         
I Wonder why happiness 
      G       D        
Is so easily lost
       Bm(D)          Em
All my dreams and expectations
    G            A
Are turned into dust

Chorus 1

D            A
So hurt and defenseless
    G             D
I´m left here on my own
       Bm                  Em
I´m so scared that I´ll miss you
     G               A   
So afraid of being alone

Chorus 1

You can´t hurt me anymore 
I´ll wipe the tears from my eyes 
This is over now, forever 
It is time to say goodbye
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