• Song:

    So Beautiful

  • Artist:

    Elizabeth Clark Klaus Kuehn Christina Byers

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So Beautiful
Elizabeth Clark, Klaus Kuehn, Christina Byers

Key: E
E2  Esus4  E2  Esus4

Verse 1:
E                   Esus4
You are so beautiful
E        Abm7              A2     Bsus4  A2/C#  B/D#
There is none that compares to You
E               Esus4      E2
Who can take my brokenness
    Abm7               A2
and make something new?
        B  A/C#  B/D#
Only You

        A       B2    E2
You're beautiful to me
A2              B2      Esus4        E
You will be my song for all eternity
A2           B2         C#m  B  A
You're overtaking every part of me
A2              Bsus4  B     E2  Esus4  E2  Esus4  E2
You're beautiful       to me

Verse 2:
Merciful Father
There is none that compares to You
Who can take my bitterness
And make something sweet?
Only You

A2           B2            E2
And I am left in awe of You (4x)

e-mail nyo ko guys!!!
oi hi nga pla sa 1-Cornerstone!!
God bless!!
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