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Black Coffee - Ella Fitzgerald
(Chords by Joan's Genius 2000)

Intro: C  Gm  C Gm and so on....

Verse 1:
    C              Gm
I'm feeling mighty lonesome
C                Gm
 Haven't slept a wink
  C                Gm
I walk the floor & watch the door
    C            Gm
And in between I drink
Cm    F
Black coffee
Cm         F          C   Gm    C   Gm
  Love's hand-me-down brew
           Dm           C
Well, I'll never know a Sunday
F        G      C    Gm   C   Gm
 In this weekday rule

Verse 2:
    C              Gm
I'm talking to the shadows
C               Gm
 One o'clock to four
    C               Gm
And oh how slow the moments go
C                 Gm
 When all I do is pour 
Cm    F
Black coffee
Cm          F     C         Gm    C   Gm
  Since the blues caught my eye
         Dm             C
Well I'm hanging out on Monday
F           G      C   Gm   C   Gm
  My Sunday dreams to dry

        F                    Cm
Well, a man is born to go on lovin'
  Fm                     C
A woman's born to weep & fret
   Em                   Gm
To stay home & tend her lovin'
And drown her past regrets
In coffee & cigarettes

Verse 3: 
C     Gm
 Alone all the morning
C         Gm
 Mourning all the night
C               Gm
 And, in between, it's nicotine
C                   Gm
 And not much heart to fight
Cm    F
Black coffee
Cm        F   C      Gm    C   
  Feeling low as the ground
                Gm          Dm             C
It's drivin' me crazy, this waiting for my baby
F      G  C     Gm   C   Gm
 To maybe come around

(repeat Bridge & Verse 3)

  My nerves have gone to pieces
  My hair is turning gray
  All I do is drink black coffee
  Since my man's gone away...
C    Gm    C   Gm   (instrumental, fade out)
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