• Song:

    Somewhere Thats Green

  • Artist:

    Ellen Greene

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G5                 C5
A matchbox of our own
D5             G5
A fence of real chain link
E5                 A5
A grill out on the patio
A5              D5
Disposal in the sink
G5          Gmaj6
A washer and a dryer and
E5          A5
an ironing machine
In a tract house that we share
D5                G5
Somewhere that's green

C5 D5 A5 G5

G5                      C5
He rakes and trims the grass
D5                G5
He loves to mow and weed
E5                A5
I cook like Betty Crocker 
       A5             D5
And I look like Donna Reed
G5                  Gmaj6
There's plastic on the furniture 
E5                  A5
To keep it neat and clean
       G5               D5
In the Pine-Sol scented air,
Somewhere that's green

*you can make up a solo here*

C5              D5
Between our frozen dinner 
       E5                G5
And our bed-time: nine-fifteen
C5               E5
We snuggle watching Lucy 
       G5        C5
On our big, enormous
A5     D5    D5
Twelve-inch screen
        G5         C5   
I'm his December Bride
    D5             G5
He's father, he knows best
E5                  A5
Our kids watch Howdy Doody 
 A5                   D5
As the sun sets in the west
G5             Gmaj6
A picture out of Better Homes
    E5       A5
and Gardens Magazine
              G5   A5
Far from Skid Row
             C5  D5
I dream we'll go
somewhere that's... green
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