• Song:

    My Heart Is Steadfast

  • Artist:

    Ellie Holcomb

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Capo 1

G C x6

     G           C      G
My heart is steadfast, O God
           C                               D
Ill sing praises up to Thee the among the nations
           Em              C               G
Ill give thanks to Thee O Lord among the peoples
           C             D         G
Ill sing praises up to Thee in my soul

     C                     G
For Thy loving kindness is great above the heavens
 C                           D
Thy truth it reaches to the skies
     C                      G
Be exalted O God above the heavens
         C         Em
And Thy glory over all the earth
       C                Em
That those who love may be delivered
      C              D            G
Save with Thy right hand and answer me
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