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Standard tuning

Youthful hearts
     C                    Em
Get stretched along the road
    C            Em                 D        
And buried under all they?ve come to know
Living fast
      C                   Em
This wilderness won?t last
      C              Em            D
These days just blow away into the past

         C              G
If I get old I?m living easy
       D                Em
Find a nice old country home
        C             G
Let the land do what she wants to
          Em       D
Leave her wild and overgrown
             C                   G
And when I?m sure my days are numbered
       D             Em
Find a nice place in the field
                C                    G
And thank that little voice inside my head 
    Em            D
For such good company

And when we got here we were young men
All it?s done is make us old
Left to die out in these frozen fields
So far away from home

And if i live to see the end I?m going to make a brand new start
But I?ll never be the same again without my youthful heart
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