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Capo 2

C                    G
Can I sleep for a while
C     G               D
18 wheelers shake the wall
      C           G                                
and the mortars coming out
C     G              D
the city says they'll tear it down
C        G
We grew up right here
C          G           D
doorframes marked with heights and years
our lives in crooked frames
Em            D
kitchen table coffee stain

C                  G
go to sleep with a smile
C         G           D
curled up winters fire side
C            G
flashlights on frozen pipes
Em                      D
and winter nights still froze in time
G             D
ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh


This old house
C          G        D
packed up now and emptied out
C             G
keepin things we spoke about
C        G
left the crystal
Em          C         D
I'll sort the rest of it out
G        D
ohhhhhhh ohhhh
G        D
ohhhhhhh ohhhh
Em     G  D
ohhhhhhh ohhhh

Tabbed by Adam Rytwinski
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