• Song:

    I Cant Answer You Anymore

  • Artist:

    Elliott Smith

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Ddim **3434
C#dim **2323
C#sus4 446674
Ddim C#dim Ddim      E
some-thing came from nothing today
                   C#sus4 C#
while i was saying noooooooo

D                      C# C#/B
don't you knock on my doooor
 F#m           E      B
i can't answer you anymore

(as above)

absence makes the heart grow fond
staying away from people

was a question before
                          B Bm D A
but i can't answer you anymore
                E    F#m        E
stepped to the scene where we'd meet
    B        A
and wrote a song
                    E      F#m       E
i did everything right for somebody that
     B             Ddim
does everything wrong
(For instrumental part,play above chord changes,but play C#m C#,instead of C#sus4 C#)

so i go from coast to coast
over the hawthorn bridge

D              C# C#/B
to the one i adore
     Fm            E           B C#
you asked me what i'm looking for
       D            E      B C#
but i can't answer you anymore
       D            E      A    F#m(bar chord 9th fret)
no, i can't answer you anymore

(I think theres two guitars playing,as having a capo on 2 makes it easier to play 
theres no capo when playing the A chord,as it plays variations on the A chord just before 
to the scene" and "I did everything right",as such....


if you listen to the record you'll hear how its played.Then the A at the end,just before 
F#m,is played...


then F#m,ninth fret)
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