• Song:

    Oh Well Okay

  • Artist:

    Elliott Smith

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F#5       F#5       D5                      A5   A5  
here's the silhouette the face always turned away
F#5          F#5       D5                    A5    A5
the bleeding color gone to black dying like a day
F#5               B5                   B5   G5 
couldn't figure out what made you so unhappy
                 D5               C5        B5     
shook your head to say no no no 
       B5          G5            G5    E5     
and stopped for a spell and stayed away
F#5       E5
oh well  okay
F#5 F#5      D5              A5      A5
i got pictures i just don't see it anymore
F#5     F#5  D5                      A5   A5
climbing hour upon hour through a total bore
F#5               B5               B5   G5
with the one i keep where it never fades
          D5              C5              B5
in the safety of a pitch black mind
     B5   G5         G5         E5
an airless cell that blocks the day
    F#5   E5
oh well okay                the em of the solo starts on "okay"
IE5   E5  E5  I   C5    G5  G5 I

E5             A5             G5           F5
if you get a feeling next time you see me
             C5           Bb5       A5    
do me a favor and let me know
            A5  F5        C5      D5
cos it's hard to tell it's hard to say
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